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San Fernando, B 1646
San Fernando, Buenos Aires San Fernando, Buenos Aires is one of the popular City located in ,San Fernando listed under City in San Fernando ,

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San Fernando de la Buena Vista is a city in the Gran Buenos Aires, in Argentina, and capital of the San Fernando Partido, 20km north of the city of Buenos Aires.Geographic DataLocated in the northern area of Gran Buenos Aires, San Fernando is composed of two clearly differentiated areas: a densely populated mainland section, with predominance of industrial, commercial and service areas; and a section of Islands of the Paraná Delta of 950km2. It is the nautical capital of Argentina. The city is bordered by San Isidro and Tigre. Its continental area is composed of the towns of Virreyes, San Fernando and Victoria. The rest of his jurisdiction comprises the second and third sections of the Paraná Delta Islands.Surface area Continental section: 23km2 Delta section: 950km2 (approx.)Distances 28 km from the City of Buenos Aires. 95 km from the City of La Plata.Population Total population: 151.131 Urban population: 147.409 Rural population (delta): 3.058Population by localities San Fernando: 68.806 Victoria: 40.461 Virreyes: 38.142 Delta: 3.058

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