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Roxas Boulevard Manila, Pasay City,
Roxas Boulevard Roxas Boulevard is one of the popular Business Center located in Roxas Boulevard Manila ,Pasay City listed under Local business in Pasay City , Outdoors in Pasay City , Street in Pasay City , Sports & Recreation in Pasay City ,

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Roxas Boulevard is a popular waterfront promenade in Manila in the Philippines. The boulevard, which runs along the shores of Manila Bay, is well known for its sunsets and stretch of coconut trees. The divided roadway has become a trademark of Philippine tourism, famed for its yacht club, hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings and parks. Originally called Cavite Boulevard, it was renamed Dewey Boulevard in honor of the American Admiral George Dewey, whose forces defeated the Spanish navy in the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898. The boulevard was again renamed to "Heiwa Boulevard" in late 1941 during Japanese Home Rule and Roxas Boulevard in the 1960s to honor President Manuel Roxas, the fifth president of the Republic of Philippines.The boulevard is also an eight-lane major arterial road in Metro Manila designated as Radial Road 1 that connects the center of the City of Manila with Pasay and Parañaque. It is also a primary national road designated as a component of N61 of the Philippine highway network. The arcing road runs in a north-south direction from Luneta in Manila and ends in Parañaque at the intersection of NAIA Road and the elevated NAIA Expressway. Beyond its southern terminus, starts the Manila-Cavite Expressway, also known as the Coastal Road, or more recently, CAVITEX.

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